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Default Steam Engineer & JBS Update

On behalf of the future crew of the Julia Belle Swain, I'd like to thank all of the support that has been shown through the years by this fantastic group of riverboat aficionados! Unfortunately, due to several boiler related mechanical issues, we've discontinued our steam engineer search for an event next week. As you may or may not know, the JBS has transferred ownership to a non-profit organization, The Julia Belle Swain Foundation, Inc. Our goal is to restore the Julia to what it once was and to keep it as a full-blooded, functional steamer on the Mighty Miss! It won't be easy or cheap. Sadly, the Julie Belle needs quite a bit of work, both cosmetically and mechanically. The short list includes a rebuilt or new boiler, new generators, and a new electrical system. The Foundation is in its infancy, but the expectations and enthusiasm are high! There is a local fundraiser planned for large dollar donations on September 18th (this was where our engineer need came into play), but I expect a grassroots fundraising effort in the near future. Thanks again, Eric.
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