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Jim, Alan,
Denny Brothers built at least one vane wheel powered tug for use in China. It was built in 1925 for John Swire & Sons Ltd. - the China Navigation Co. and named "Chuchow" and was probably gas or diesel powered. They also built a ferry named Fano. The Chuchow had two four-blade vane wheels at the stern. She was 68 1/2 ft. long with a beam of 14 ft. and a draft of 2 ft. Her engine was 96 shaft HP and the speed was listed at 9 knots at 106 RPM of the vane wheels.

When I was digging through the Ward Engineering Works plans ten years ago I found a drawing done by Dennys for the converson of the towboat Duncan Bruce to Vane wheel power! The drawing is dated 1930 and I have a print of it. Wards probably had Dennys do that proposal when they were having so much trouble with the Bruce's sternwheel drive system. Too bad the project never happened. It would have been interesting to see how the "Drunken Brute" would have preformed with that propulsion system. She would have had four vane wheels at the stern.

I imagine those vane wheels produced about as much side thrust as they did forward thrust.
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