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*Pixs 2&3 are Homer Denney*
Hi, David & Steamboating colleagues:
Just catching up with up here in northern Michigan following a horrendous storm that knocked all at. I'm recovering E=Mails and postings now. I can't wait to read my September REFLECTOR "kivver to kivver" as Capt. Fred Way so often said when I return home early next week. I agree that photos 2 and 3 are Homer Denney. He was, as I recall, always a slight-built man with prominent ears.

Homer's nephew, wife and family were next door neighbors of ours at old Coal Haven Landing, East End in Cincinnati. On some Sundays Homer would come for dinner followed by fine family musical afternoons with piano, violin and other instruments. All the Denny family I knew were very musically inclined. Dexter, Homer's grand-nephew my age, went on to study serious violin at Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music. I never recall meeting/seeing Homer's wife. To my knowledge he either never drove or owned a car usually arriving by Cincinnati electric trolley from his home in Norwood. And what fine musical afternoons those were back then with my mother, a trained vocalist, joining in for singing. People passing on the street would stop, listen down the drive to the music.

Capt. Doc Hawley and others here remember him very well coming down even to play the then new calliope on the DELTA QUEEN. Doc can tell the story better, but he did mention the one sensation on the DQ when Homer arrived for a visit. I believe also Keith met Denney but not certain at this point. For some years Homer played an air-compressed calliope here and there for events in Cincinnati. In time I lost contact with the Denneys I knew but 'think' Homer lived on well into his 90s. Who out there knows for sure.

On the last ISLAND QUEEN he would play certain favorites with the boat swinging down around St. Rose church on Eastern Ave. near Dayton Bar like a great white swan: 'Pig in the parlor,' 'I'll be seeing you in apple blossom time,' 'The Holy City' among others. Even in northern Norwood, Mrs. Denney could clearly hear a certain little run or trill Homer did on the calliope keys as a signal he'd be coming home soon. Other than that, that's all I remember. Well, what do I know?

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