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Jim: Sorry to hear about the problems. Hope all is well by now! I think the festival was good...I was there but stayed in the boat giving rides. My scheduled time to rest din't happen! And, yeah, there were a couple of hard but fairly brief showers that din't slow us down. We have a nice lid on MISS BLUE and some of our best steaming time has been in the rain. We don't like wind and lightning but I'd rather have a bit of rain (showers, not all day) than a sweltering hot day! We logged 32 miles and did about thirty cruises. We had folks from Sweden, Germany, Florida and all over Ohio, Ky W.Va. that I know of. Sunday weather and today's weather (we gave the staff a ride down to the Ohio and back to the MUDDY ramp at Aquatic Park for pull-out. Saw John Fryant and Aaron, but few others. Back home now and had to pressure wash MISS BLUE. She ran well if a bit slow due to the use of charcoal. She uses about 5 pounds to the mile! Total fuel cost for the four days (Fri, Sat Sun & Mon) was $30. I would love to see this festival but you cannot do both! Cap'n Walnut.
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