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A.J., we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm, but several professional river people have told me that one of the BIG issues and concerns about the upcoming BELLE celebration is SPACE. With so many boats (9) vying for maneuvering room in the harbor and at makeshift landings, it's not going to be easy. And, now that construction of the new downtown bridge has begun (after 40+ years of studies and talks) there is going to be the problem of coffer dams, barges, and other construction vessels to contend with as the various excursion boats come and go on their daily cruises through the three existing bridges. This doesn't leave much, if any, space for other riverboats and flats. Docking space over here on the Jeffersonville side is especially at a premium.

I have already "locked horns" with a power-that-be who told me that this is not really a "river history" event and that such programs (one of them a presentation by Capt. Doc Hawley) at the museum would not be of much interest. I have formed a committee to plan the events at the HSM that week. We are, first and foremost, a STEAMBOAT museum and will plan our programs accordingly to embrace the focus of the festival; the Belle's centennial celebration!
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