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Hey Jim, first sorry to hear about your Wife and getting sick on the AQ. That's no way to abruptly end a steamboat trip. Hope she is doing much better.

To answer your question about the festival it seems to get a little better with each event. We had about 20 model boats on display and running under the pond. Captain Walnut and wife Carol gave many steam launch rides on Miss Blue during the two days. I delighted at hearing the whistle on Miss Blue each time he left and returned. Amherst Madison had the LAURA J and whistle barge ANNA MARIE on hand Saturday but had to head back due to other commitments before things got started on Sunday. AEP had the MIKE WEISAND on display and open for tours Saturday. Many other groups involved with presentations include COE, West Virginia Raptors, ORSANCO, as well as many presenters and entertainers. Many S and D faithful where present as well. This weekend just reiterated to me how much Louisville/Jeffersonville need to have an event like this in conjunction with the Belle's Birthday Bash. I heard so many comments from people about "I never knew that" about something water commerce related. It was a great weekend and I believe they hope to host the event again in 2015. I need you folks in the Fall Cities to help me push the powers that be about hosting something similar in 2014 for the Belle's party.

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