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*Just my humble two cents*
Hi, AJ & Steamboating colleagues:
Remember, what I wrote above here--and in previous postings on 'Tall Stacks'--just my point of view from experience. You know, "Been there, done that" with the scars and bruises to my credit. Any, ANY effort on this event by either Cincinnati or now Louisville, all to their credit with my best wishes. Capt. Bill Judd also has "been there..." and could no doubt share much more from his views. Other 'issues' were increasing problems with the big barge operators having to stop, tie off for many hours during some river events with 'Tall Stacks.' Logistics with river safety, boats moving about, channel safety, mosquito fleet of pleasure boats etc. something Bill Judd had to contend with from his vantage point aboard the MIKE FINK. Others could chime in, "Oh, that's just Dale. We didn't see it that way." Yeah, right. No doubt there were those who didn't like me either. Giving an opinion one thing--backing it up with data, facts a whole different story. Friendly, willing corporate sponsors in time grew weary of the begging hands stuck out. Also, corporate discretionary contributions now a whole new ball game with IRS and other needs to account for. One local old charitable foundation stated, "No grant requests accepted for boat/maritime issues or historic land structures." Their monies going to big name social, medical, educational, civic causes. 'Tall Stacks' is NOT owned now by the City of Cincinnati being independent and incorporated.

In time then 'Cincinnati Bicentennial 1788-1988' honchos came to at least 'listen' to what our 'Rivers Activities Commitee' had to say. I sort of dropped a bomb in a meeting saying, "And we will invite our neighbors across the river in Covington, Newport, Dayton, Ky. to join as they are part, aren't they?" Dead silence. In time Tom Gaylon from the Northern Kentucky Convention Bureau attended making his presence known. I worked with Mike Rozow, then with the Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau in Cincinnati. Committee members would come and go, wax and wane according to their time limitations, interests. It usually always boiled down to a few as the cadre. I always laughed when new corporate men and women moved in sporting Brook's Bros. suits and $75,000 diamond rings on fingers waving in a grand manner. 'Hey, what are these people getting out of this?' I thought paying for my own parking on my own precious time.

Even representatives of then DELTA QUEEN Co. attended offering us hospitality on the DQ for meetings in the lounge or dining room before she steamed out on a trip. One in particular seemed more than a tad bored with it all there for what 'hook' the boats could get out of it. Upon leaving, shaking hands, I heard him growl, "I'll be glad when this boats pulls out of this town tonight." Again, a big OUCH! No names mentioned to protect the guilty.

Yet in retrospect it was an interesting, fascinating era from 1984 to 1988. As one honcho stated, "Ah, we're here to sell romance, music, food, boat rides." It takes big money to perpetuate steamboat romance. No, I would not do it again. And, again, well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
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