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Hey Dale,

Appreciate your insight as one who's been there and done that. It really sounds like greed and the misguided have taken a stranglehold on Tall Stacks. Too much brand recognition at this point to call it something else, so the start from scratch would truly be a start from scratch. I'll wait patiently in the wings should a time come when Cincinnati and those in charge of Tall Stacks come to their senses and happily volunteer as I have in the past. Perhaps a time will come when the Delta Queen returns "home" to the Queen City and once again the masses will realize the river is why we have this fair city, instead of ignoring it and it's rich history. I'll be "on deck" in Louisville and hope to get a first hand glimpse at what they do right and what they do wrong. So far it seems their festival is very much focused on their river star! Enjoy your summer and thanks for chiming in Dale!

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