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Hey Judy,

Thanks for commenting. I agree that Nelson played a huge roll in the success of the recent Tall Stacks festivals but I have to disagree that without him it simply can't happen. I know where you are coming from because Nelson was a huge contributor in finances, equipment, labor and time all by his own hand. It would certainly be difficult without those resources, but I believe it is possible. The group who has put on the "Tall Stacks, Music, Arts, and Heritage Festival" have always had huge corporate partners here in Cincinnati and I suspect if approached those corporate partners would once again come out of the woodwork. I do believe that the approach needs to be changed of the festival. I'll hope I get no arguments on .org that it should be about the boats and the history associated with them. Visiting vessels need to be able to make double or better then they would operating out of their home ports. The music element is nice but you can go just about anywhere and hear music acts. However you can't see 14-21 riverboats all together in one place and that's where the focus needs to be. I'm really passionate about seeing Tall Stacks and other events like it return and I do think it could be successful if pointed in the right direction. I know there are people who share my hopes of seeing it return. Time will surely tell but I'm going to continue to work behind the scenes and help however I can. Louisville and Jeffersonville have a real opportunity to shine come next fall and I hope they take every opportunity to do it right. Perhaps the Queen City could learn a thing or two. Thanks again Judy, one day I'll be calling on you for support to get the NATCHEZ back up here. Never say never.
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