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Default Why no more Tall Stacks?

Hello All,

Just this morning I sent a letter to the editor of our local newspaper posing this exact question. I have my suspicions why those managing Tall Stacks can't seem to get the boilers lite on a future event but I'd like your input. If Louisville can put on such a grand party for the Belle in 2014 why can't Cincinnati in 2015 or beyond. We have a new riverfront park (much like Louisville's) as well as a new entertainment district (called the Banks) which would only give Tall Stacks visitors more options for viewing and dining, etc. Many people have mentioned logistics to me and frankly I don't think that's the issue at all. Cincinnati has possibly the best riverfront to hold an event like this as has been proven by the past events. My goal here is to collect as much information as I can in hopes of presenting it to someone associated with Tall Stacks. There is interest in this event and I am hoping that seeing the success of The Belle's Birthday Bash will only solidify that with the higher powers at Tall Stacks. As always I appreciate your thoughts.

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