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Indeed, there are MANY of us who could literally write a book about our love affair with the DELTA QUEEN, both as passengers and as crew members. At the suggestion of Miss Ruth Ferris, my steamboating mentor and patron saint, I kept a log book of my time as a crew member in the 1970's, jotting down daily what seemed, at the time, rather inane. When I look over that old log now it brings those long ago happenings on the boat back to life as if they occurred yesterday! I close my eyes and hear the DQ's hauntingly beautiful whistle reverberating over the river, see the majesty of sunrise on the Mississippi, feel the gentle tremor of the deck above the churning paddlewheel and revel in the voices of dear friends, many of whom have made their final crossings. It was a time in my life I wouldn't have missed for anything in the world! Long live the DELTA QUEEN!
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