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I had finished taking my Mate license at the CG office in Pittsburgh. The examiner asked me what was the largest towboat I had worked on. I said the MARINER (UBL). He said there weren't too many towboats bigger than that, so he gave me an ALL GROSS TONS limitation. He asked me if I had any steamboat experience. I told him I walked on the DELTA QUEEN a couple of times. This guy was a newby to the inland rivers and did not have the understanding of certain twang of rivermen, with hillbilly, redneck, cajun, etc., dialects all grouped into one. He apparently misunderstood and thought I had said worked instead of walked and he gave me an endorsement of MATE, UPON RIVERS, ALL GROSS TONS, STEAM AND MOTOR. And that's the truth. Doubters can register a complaint and I will gladly scan my license and provide proof.
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