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This ought to be a lengthy thread Jim,

I have a few to share. First one was not about the boat herself but about one of her Captains, who graciously sat with me (at 14 years old) outside of the Texas lounge and looked through my photo album of boat pictures on one of my first passenger trips. I wonder if Gabe remembers that? Another of my favorites was when I met Fred Way, CW Stoll and others one year at CW's house and was asked to ride the DQ during the race with the Belle. Another one was blowing the DQ a salute from the whistles on the BONNIE BELLE while she operated out of Cincinnati and having the big boat answer back. Another memory was Captain John offering to take me to the pilothouse while the boat was underway. That was the one time I steered her if only for a few moments, southbound just above old Coney. Other memories are making my first landing as an employee at St. Francesville just me the lead deckhand and another guy and the Captain later said he could have kissed all three of us for making it look so easy. The pilothouse watch when the M/V MISSISSIPPI slipped up behind us and passed us in the late evening. And of course my Honeymoon on the DQ when all the wait staff joked with the Wife and I because we were either missing or late to meals, honestly we were on deck watching the scenary! Another found memory was on one of her last runs to Cincinnati we followed her for a short while with the BARBARA H. Even now she makes memories for me, taking my daughter for an overnight stay and explaining to her all about the boat and it's history. I hope my daughter gets a chance to ride her one day so she can add her own memories of that wonderful old boat.
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