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Default Steamboat Races

My favorite memories of the Delta Queen was on the Ohio River in Louisville. I still can see her passing the great water tower in Louisville with her beautiful whistle salute. I went to her last race in 2008, it was the first time I saw her. She took my breath away. She won the race, and the memories still come. Her big paddle wheel gleaming, the water drops of Ohio being thrown into the air. Her smokestack huffing and puffing as little children lined up on the shore with me gasping in awe at the amazing boat that races the Belle each year up until 2009. I've been to many of the other races, but they weren't the same without the DQ. I love the American Queen, but as huge and grand as it is, it just doesn't reflect the same memories. I dearly hope the Delta Queen will be back on the rivers there, because each of my visits to the Louisville Waterfront aren't the same without her and her calliope. I still remember the Belle doing "Old Kentucky Home." Then the Queen doing it's songs. Those were the good days, now I have to go to Chattanooga to see her. I stayed on her as a hotel, and she still amazes me. Godspeed, Delta Queen! Oh, the memories you've made!
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