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From my 1974 trip, I have a picture of Captain Gabe in his First Mate's uniform, which I've given to him. The uniforms then were much nicer than what the mates wear now! Captain Wagner was not aboard--I would have known that, don't you think? He would have been too memorable. I don't think the Tookers were on, either--Judy, your memory is phenomenal. There was a Dixieland band that later played in Cincinnati at Joe's Bar--I went down to see them that fall. Somehow, I sat at the Captain's table--maybe because I was 21? ;) I'd been a steamboat fan since I was a teenager--this trip was a present from my parents when I graduated from college. I got home and immediately applied. Alas, no openings--went to grad school instead. Fell in love, got married, had kids--but things have a way of coming full circle when you truly have a passion for something.
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