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Default The Gong Show

The Gong Show I mentioned that we had a wonderful solo of Old Man River by a passenger. We weren't always so lucky. In 1978, a woman and her 20ish daughter were riding and trumpeter John Ramon was romancing the mother during the cruise. Vic would help him out by playing her requests. One day she asked to have her daughter sing. Well, if they had any milk at the bar, it would have curdled. Fortunately they got her off after one song. Unfortunately, the next day they let her sing again. But we were ready for this possibility. The Gong Show was an extremely popular TV show then. I don't remember all the members of our boat gong show crew, but Watchman Keith and I were two of them. When this babe started caterwailing (sp?) again, we gave the signal, and someone started ringing the roof bell. Dan was in hysterics as were we, but most of the people, including the 'singer', didn't get it. I don't think she sang again that trip. Vic and Dan were good about giving passengers a chance to perform. Karen Dodd, aka Toots Maloy, got her show biz break in the Texas when she was a bartender. Dan gave her some voice lessons and she got to sing occasionally at the 5 PM sessions. She was so well-received that she moved over to the MQ as a vocalist the next year. On the hokey side: who remembers Vic and Mom singing "Mountain Dew" during the country music session? Boy, if we did this stuff today, we'd probably be whacked off the ships by those elegant fluffy bathrobes!!!
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