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If you mean officers, Capt. Wagner as Master and Gabe as Mate and Calliopist. He wouldn't miss a chance to play his hometown. Dave Tschiggfrie would also have been on as watchman/calliopist. Both Dave and Gabe play the Doc school of calliope music. Dan didn't start on the DQ until July, so another calliope possibility would be Pete Eveland. I believe '74 was the year the Tookers were off the boat in a snit over something or another. Cappy Louden would have been one of the pilots I imagine, and possibly Rip Ware for the other. Sharon Wright was in charge of the Gift Shop, and Henry Mitchell and Rueben were waiters. That's all off the top of my head. My first trip was a 3 dayer, Aug.20-23, 1973 and my second trip was my first full UMR cruise in July or August of 1974, whenever her first trip of the year up here was. I didn't do Pittsburgh until 1977. In 1977 I had my car paid off, so I had some extra money, so I booked 28 straight days, took off 6 (my parents rode then), and rode 9 more. Those 28 days included a 7 day round trip Cincy/Pittsburgh( a good idea ), a 7 day round trip Cincy/Kentucky Lake, a 3 day round trip Cincy/Oxbow Bends, and an 11 day Cincy/St. Paul trip. The 9 days were a 6 day St.Paul/St. Louis and a 3 day Hannibal weekend I think. Daily rates then on a share basis were about $85. This was for a C room, which I don't know what that is today, but it was room 338 and the like, the cheapest rooms with a bathroom.
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