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*'Unsinkable DQ/'The Big Exemption'*
Dear Carl & Steamboating colleagues:
What a coincidence you mentioning 'The Unsinkable DQ,' Frank Mayfield and his 'The Big Exemption'. Right here on my desk is the annual Christmas card/message from Frank Mayfield. He an old friend and Literary Club of Cincinnati colleague. I have 'The Unsinkable DQ' video here along with others produced some years back. With technology rapidly changing, I'm having this and others converted to DVD.

Frank Mayfield's presentation of 'The Big Exemption,' May 17, 1982, received at Literary Club with rave reviews; latter appearing in full form in Cincinnati newspapers at the time of the Cincinnati Bicentennial 1788-1988 & first Tall Stacks. Frank's 'The Big Exemption' related the story not only of the DELTA QUEEN, but that of Betty Blake, close friend of the Mayfield family. He was one of the quiet, behind-the-scenes guys not many heard about working with Betty and the company. His expertise in insurance involved work with Lloyds of London for the boat. Frank was bitten with the steamboat bug and has remained so 'infected' to the present day. He has moved on as CEO of his own international corporation. I've had the pleasure of many dinners at Literary Club and the Queen City Club here with Frank.

'The Big Exemption' also focuses on Betty Blake's final illness and death. Frank, and his family, were there from the first when Betty fell ill at a dinner. Frank saw to Betty being taken to Sloan-Kettering in New York for treatment; flying home where she died. Frank has told it directly; being a different version of what had been broadcast about Betty at the time.

The above posting jolted me when I clicked to read. Certainly gave this thread a badly needed jump start. Thanks Carl!

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
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