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Default "Specks from the Decks" of the HSM

It's a beautiful autumn day with plenty of sunshine, after a chilly, foggy morn here along the Ohio.

Today, Kenny Howe, Dan Lewis and Phillip Johnson made great strides in installing additional shelving in the Collections Management Facility, which is much needed to accomodate the recently acquired books from the Bates and Fenn Collections. We had great fun opening boxes and finding all sorts of "steamboat treasures" within! Thanks for all your able assistance. These Engine Room guys can lift HEAVY things!!!

When construction work throughout the mansion is completed, we will "revitalize" all of the steamboat exhibits, retiring some items and bringing some "new-old" relics out of storage for display.

Had a delightful visit with Sue Turner Chapman, a Southern Indiana Artist, who brought some wonderful renderings of Harlan and Anna Hubbard, telling of her visits with them. Sue has often "painted the Ohio River" and I treasure one of her works of the horseshow bend at Leavenworth, Indiana, with a tow in the oxbow.

Also happy to see William and Ellena Dye from New Richmond, Ohio, whom I met aboard the DQ at Chattanooga last fall. They enjoyed ringing the MQ bell!

Always something happening at the Howard!

"Curator Keith"
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