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Sorry it took so long to answer. I was up not too far from Dale at Bay View, Michigan.

If the Queen City and the Falls City don't get together and think big, for Cincinnati it will be "United we stand. Devided we fall," in my very humble opinion. Louisville has been planning the BELLE's Birthday Celebration for awhile. They're getting their ducks lined up in a row already, and Cincy is just starting to.

My thoughts are what about a boat parade between the two cities? Also what about Cincinnati to Louisville train excursions? CSX would have to get involved. It truly could be a World Class event, if bigger minds prevail.

Heck, if they think big, what about the ANNE MARIE along side of the MAJESTIC with a genuine Morecraft steam pianny? Let's leave the air calliope for the QUEEN OF THE MISSISSIPPI.
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