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Default Montana Memorabilia

In 1970, somebody brought a dilapidated old wooden wheelbarrow, that had been dug out of the wreck of the MONTANA, to curator Ruth Ferris for display in her Midship Museum aboard the BECKY THATCHER (formerly the Str. MISSISSIPPI) at the St. Louis waterfront. Nobody seems to know where that artifact is today, but I imagine it's still lurking around St. Louis. A similar wheelbarrow, also from the MONTANA, is on display in the River Room of the museum in the old school at Hermann, Missouri, but is not the same one Ruth had on the BECKY.

Several years ago I bought a book on EBAY about the discovery and study of the MONTANA wreck. Included with it was a small piece of wood from the boat with a small brass plate attached to it. The book is still available through Amazon.
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