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Default Morning on the river

Good morning as we pass Bellaire Ohio mile 94. I missed New Cumberland Lock during the night but was up in time for Pike Island. Its a breezy humid morning with haze and its cool enough for a jacket. JoAnn and family are out here on the Observation Deck bow, and the others are prowling about elsewhere. Thanks for responding, Tom, glad to know somebody still reads .org. I'll post more pix later, as the Chart Room seems to be the best wifi spot, and Mary is holding forth in there now with quite a crowd. It seems there are a lot of restrictions on when the riverlorian may make announcements about what we're passing - why would passengers want to know that? A further complication for her today is her PA system is AWOL (as is our cabin attendant), but that's another story! Capt. Joe Jamieson appears to be doing his laps on this deck, unrecognized by most passengers. Oops, Jo Ann just hailed him down. Ah, the sun is breaking forth - another miserable day on the river, but someone has to do it...
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