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*'Steamboat war/Merger of companies*
Hi, Jon & steamboat colleagues:
Jon, I dug out the corporate/legal agreement RE: Merger of CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION CO./FAY TRSNSPORTATION CO/SACRAMENTO NAVIGATION CO. The near ten pages spell out all--and more--one would be interested in reading with near 'legalese' writing. 'Steamboat wars' in freight rates etc. similar to what our inland rivers here experience over the years. John Burns, son of old Jim Burns, had further memories written in marginal notes on the document with further words added by Stan Garvey, author of 'KING & QUEEN of the river,' following their stay here in my home.
* * * * * * * * *

"Formed February 1, 1932, merger of the CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, SACRAMENTO NAVIGATION CO. and FAY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, the three being authorized by the then Railorad Commission of the State of California in Decision No. 24420 to conduct a unified operation of their transportation services under the name and style of RIVER LINES.

The merger brought about by complaint case No. 3034 filed in the fall of 1931 by the CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION CO. and the SACRAMENTO NAVIGATION CO. against the FAY TRANSPORTATION CO. claiming their operations were being conducted illegally and that their rates were discriminatory and unethical and would result in a disastrous rate war unless cancelled. The FAY CO. published practically only two rates between Sacramento and Bay Points viz. 15 cents per ctw; LCL, without regard to classification and 10 cents per cwt on freight carloads regardless of classification.

Railroad Commissioner, Stevenot...suggested to the ligitante they consider merging their respective companies under a unified operation rather than fighting each other for the 'existing' tonnage which was not of sufficient volume to support all three copanies under separate operation and management. [*Note. Great Depression was in depths]. The three companies got together and merger their operations and equipment under the name and style of: RIVER LINES--Unified operaton of CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION CO. SACRAMENTO TRANSPORTATION CO, the FAY TRANSPORTATION CO. Following officers were elcected:

Capt. A.E. Anderson, Chairman of the Board
W.P. Dwyer, President
Capt. N.A. Fay, V.P. & Gen. Manager
Mr. Platt Kent, Secretary-Treasurer
Mr. John C. Stone, Traffic Manager.

Division of Revenue was:
FAY Co. - 20% with a guaranteer of $50,000 to the FAY Co.

Pretty heady stuff if you're interested in the in-depth history of steamboat business. No 'romance of nostalgia' here reading between the lines.

Records, news releases then [1947] reveal no opposition to Capt. Tom R. Greene, GREENE LINE STEAMERS, purchasing the DQ from her retirement followng service to the U.S. Navy. The night passenger trade was, for all purposes, dead with focus on freight using increasing "motor vessels." Capt. Tom got more than a deal for the DQ being his choice for operations here on our rivers. I never knew or heard of any plans on the part of the GREENE LINE to consider building a brand new boat. Tom went with his choice with it being welcomed here.

Not too many years back, prior to the DQ entering her present deployment, there were some subtle moves to have the DQ returned to California to possibly continue in operation there as a tourist cruise vessel. The hard, cold financial facts, logistics etc. brought that to a quick end. Well, what do I know?

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