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*'Opposition boats/GREENE choice of DQ*
Hi, Jon,
Good question and I'm sure you'll get responses here from the gang. There were 'opposition boats' running on the Sacramento and other rivers in California in a kind of steamboat war. It came to a head in the Great Depression with freight rates being cut to the point of disaster. I'd have to dig out of my 'dusty boxes' here the Burns family papers talking about that that John Burns gave me. I 'think,' a California congressional rep in tune with Washington and the ICC, brought about a merger. The FAY TRANPSORTATION CO. was one joining with CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION CO. in the 1930s resulting in the formation of RIVER LINES with the DK/DQ etc.

I had an E=Mail come in the other year from a member of the Fay family talking about all of that. I have also the original written agreement of that merger here with details similar to a Philadelphia lawyer. Again, not to sound vague, but I need to dig all out and review so as not being wrong at the top of my voice. I don't know much about much. Pull down Stan Garvey's book 'KING & QUEEN of the River' for mention.

Capt. Tom Greene, and his GREENE LINE STEAMERS, focused on the DELTA KING/DELTA QUEEN as...well...they were stellar boats and available to carry on his new, modern vision for the GREENE LINE. Capt. Tom, as written in Capt. Fred Way's book, 'Saga of the DELTA QUEEN,' quotes Capt. Tom as saying he was "...thinking of one of them, maybe both." This said while he and Fred Way were talking on a GORDON C. GREENE Chattanooga trip--if I'm correct. Tom Greene's vision for his company with the DQ was far more modern than we think today with the focus on steamboat nostalgia. Just look at that modern, sleek stack on the DQ she carried for a time and you'll understand. Tom's favorite word for steamboat history and lore was "Steamboatiana." It's a great story and all the rest so far is history. Give me time here and I dig out what I can find. Well, what do I know?

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