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Default The BSB as Jim calls it...

Their crew experiences and relationships with the Carrolls give them both a working and aficionado knowledge of the BSB... last fall Jim gave the Midwest Buffs a slide show of the demise of the ADMIRAL, and his onboard shots during the dismantling were breathtaking and heartbreaking. I'm sure the RR program will be about the happier days of the St. Louis icon, which has always seemed to take a back seat when discussions of excursion steamboats take place. Maybe it is attributed to her modernistic design rather than the traditional gingerbready look?
Speaking of food(gingerbread), the usual chocolate chip cookies will be available at RR, and the post Kingfish gathering will be at the Towne Place Suites as usual.
Not only is the Howard the little museum that can and does, but Keith is the Curator who can and does, without monetary support from other river organizations which purportedly fund such educational endeavors.
August 11 it is!
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