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Maybe someone is listening or clearer heads have prevailed. Whatever the reason I just got notice late yesterday that there are some discounts out there for 10 trips on the DELTA QUEEN and at least three on AMERICAN QUEEN in 2007. I have not gotten the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN specials yet. They all include Free Air. For the DELTA they are: March 17-24, April 12-20, April 27-May 4 (BELLE of LOUISVILLE race). If you haven't taken this trip - it's a must! So much fun with so many repeaters. Also specials on May 17-24, May 31-June 7, June 24-July 5 (Great Steamboat Race), August 2-10, September 28-October 1, October 15-22, November 18-25. On the AMERICAN QUEEN March 9-16, June 8-15 and November 17-24. These are for 2007 and must be booked by August 25, 2006. On the DELTA they apply to category's C,G and I (?). It may now be H from previous information received. On the AQ they are for C,E, & G. The discount varies per category and trip. But for my limited budget they are doable. If I didn't already have my trips for 2007 booked I'd be on the phone right now with my travel agent.

Also I'm sure there are still some specials for 2006 available - have your travel agent check with the company. Don't put off taking that trip on the DELTA QUEEN, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN or the AMERICAN QUEEN that you've always wanted to take. If you've ever thought you would like to do it, I'm sure you'll love it. I DID!!!!
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