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The ad for the Hiawatha can be found in the first April issue of Boats and Harbors, digital edition, P. 28, middle of the page.

The copy reads:

You can own a
The last operational walking beam side wheeler
Commercial 6 pack license under DNR
Moored in Bay City, Michigan

* Steel hull and deck * 26,000 lb displacement * Length 38' x Beam 15'6"
* Draft 32" * 20hp at 60 rpm * Bryan boiler * Burn wood, coal, or oil *
* 170 gal fuel tank * 110 gal. Boiler water tank * 15 gal drinking water *
* Hydraulic steering

Contact Captain Edward Morris at 989-686-6033


After "You can own a" is an illustration of the Hiawatha, side view, and one of the walking beam engine.
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