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Default *RE: Walking-beam HIAWATHA*

Hi, AJ,
Your posting RE: the Michigan based walking-beam [Spellings vary] HIAWATHA interesting. It took some sleuthing around to find the listing as the .org posting is the E=Mail to Mr. Morris the owner. MLive, Grand Rapids, MI, played hard ball getting a copy of their June 27, 2010 article to print. Original asking price then was $89,500 with owner Mr. Morris saying he'd turned down one for $55,000. Your article possibly more up-to-date. HIAWATHA, a personal steamboat, is 38 ft. long, 15 ft. high--I assume from the article above the waterline. Her original California builder used plans of an 1857 walking-beam engine found in the museum out there. The reporter termed the beam "A metal diamond shaped device."

Morris, owner of 'Morris Machine and Mold, Inc.,' indicates the cost of operation and hard times for his business spelled the ultimate doom. What the logistics, cost, man hours, headaches, required to operate such a vessel not mentioned. I saw no word of what fuel is used. Reminds me of the days when Charles and Lorena Brown of Cincinnati built, operated their own steam sternwheel pleasure boat the LORENA. With boats like these you better have the money, time, knowldege to keep up and operate. Hittin' the Lottery might help. What's a boat? Something that makes a big hole in the water you throw money in. Any takers on the HIAWATHA?

R. Dale Flick
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