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Originally Posted by Bob Reynolds View Post
Diesel fuel is the most commonly used fuel oil now due to wide availablity and ease of handling and burning in atomizing boiler burners.
Also because of the environmental factors we burn #2 now, a lot of the reason #6 gives you up to about 156,000 BTU/gal and #2 only gives 130,000 BTU/gal is all the "metholfloraldeath" in the less refined oil that in turn puts pollution into the environment when burned. Less reputable produces are known for mixing in anything they want to get rid of thats toxic, old thinner, heavy metals, biohazardous waste, chemical waste, literally anything and everything to add "weight" to the fuel.

Burning #6, especially if the ship doesn't purify it (which then requires to be landed, and if not properly disposed of is an even larger problem), is a real concern for our environment, especially in the inland waters.
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