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Originally Posted by Jazzou Jones View Post
I don't know how those asterisks appeared in place of *****'s name, but it was supposed to say that ***** and I gave the piano to the Chengery's (not me and some mystery person!)
Hi Jazzou,

Having finally met ***** yesterday, I can vouch for the fact that she is truly a star, so maybe that's where the ******'s come in!

The pianos on the MQ are both "real" pianos, as you know. One of my partners in the Paddlewheel, our mutual young friend Drew, plays in what can be called an "enthusiastic" style. How many strings did he break when he was on the DQ with you? :O)

When I left the AQ in 2004, the lounges had electronic keyboards, I think. But the piano in the Grand Saloon was real. And, one of the best kept secrets on the AQ is the upright in the Mark Twain Gallery.

I should point out that Bob Schad, Bob Stevens, Mike Gentry and I all play REAL banjos. :O)

And, if I may share a chuckle with y'all.

This past season, I took the time to read all the comment cards. (Yes, I read them ALL). One week about six of them demanded "more banjo, more banjo, more banjo". I was thrilled until I read a little closer and found that they actually said..............

................wait for it ...........

"More bingo, more bingo, more bingo"

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