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Dear Alan & Jazzou:
Okay, I've seen lots of pianos being tuned over the years. One of this family has a terrific Steinway grand in their home. The piano man came one day and set up an electronic device like a box he plugged in with dials and an amber glow shining. I got out of his way and didn't know what was going on in the other room. Does such a device 'sound' a pure tone that he matches with his tuning tools etc?

Question: Do tones and pitch vary with orchestras and instruments here and in Europe? There's a term for it and I'm pulling at straws now to remember. Something about 'vibrations?--something like 440.' You can see I'm still in the paint brush and lawn mower stage of development. I do sing anthems and hymns at church. I'm totally lost about 'voicing' a pipe organ but willing to learn.

Cheers and thanks,
R. Dale Flick
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