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Dear alan, Jazzou & gang:
I don't know a thing about tuning pianos but find the threads on pipe ograns and pianos fascinating and it's not off the subject. I, too, am always amazed at the river personalities past and present who are/were fine musicians. Capt. Tom Greene, 'Aunt' Telia Hughes [Did Capt. Jesse also play?], Capt. Mary B. Greene, E.J. Quinby, Doc Hawley, Gabe, Travis, Keith...on and on. Me? I play the linoleum with my shoe. Judy's posting about the organ on the DELTA QUEEN is a goodie. Another friend of the Simontons was early film star Harold Lloyd and he always made a hit when aboard the boat. 'Talent night' on the boat was always a crap shoot. There were times when some quiet gentleman or lady would sit down and pound out great classics to awe the audience. Others sang in fine operatic voice or pulled out a violin they'd brought aboard. Those were memorable moments.

Lexie inquired about boats with pipe organs. I doubt any on our rivers had one other than a foot pump organ. Old pictures show some fine pianos in cabins and 'Chickering' was one often mentioned. I vaguely recall years back seeing an old B/W photo taken in one of the very ornate period Atlantic steamships. There was a pipe organ mounted up high in one of the main lounges with lots of carved wood, angels, potted palms etc. I doubt they were very practical at sea in addition to taking up a lot of space. On any boat or ship space is a precious commodity. I'll keep digging for that old photo. The GREAT EASTERN 'may' have had one but I can't nail down the fact here.

R. Dale Flick
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