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HI, Hank:
Interesting topic you have Re: 'chimneys' on steamboats. I'm not technically minded like Alan Bates, Bob Reynolds, Tom Schiffer, Shipyard Sam etc. but recall some months back a discussion on this beginning with how high some of the old steamboat stacks were. I clipped and saved but can't find my folder containing all of that now. Perhaps some of the gang reading this will refresh our memories. You could click and look on the Archives for as it may be there.

We also talked back then about how the stacks were wired up and also using iron links. Pretty interesting stuff and you wonder how those old boat builders accomplished it with the limited tools and equipment they had back then. Alan, Tom and others also gave great insights on boiler grates etc. between steamboats burning wood and those burning coal.

R. Dale Flick
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