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Default Hartford Place Parties

That ranking order may have stemmed from the days when there were no second and third floors at Hartford Place on the bluff above the Cumberland River. Remember? Everyone was packed onto the one level, and that was where the food and drinks were, too. King Roy Acuff held court in the kitchen, close to where the hot country ham and biscuits were coming off Marie’s busy stove. Beautiful and talented Emmy Lou Harris was my favorite of all the lustrous friends of the Hartford's, but I was too shy to strike up a conversation with her, so my admiration remained at a distance.

There was but one privy on that level, next to the Jacuzzi tub, where a long line formed. As I stood queued-up for my turn, Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys came bustling in the room, tearing off their heavy coats and getting their instruments from their cases, and I swear it was them who climbed into the dry tub and began playing. Wife, Pagan, though, claims it was the Riders of the Sky and not the “Father of Bluegrass Music” who set up in the Jacuzzi brother’s hot-tub. She says I had a nip too much of the celebrated Hartford wine punch to know the difference.

Hartford Week, as I want to call it, begins right after Christmas: the time of the legendary parties, John's birthday, their wedding anniversary, and sadly, Marie's death all occured with the three days of 28-30 December. Next week will be the right time to remember our good friends, the Hartfords, and to celebrate the contributions to music and the river that remains John Hartford's lasting legacy.

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