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Default Also concerned

I also think we may have booked our last trips (in 2007 fortunately). We had splurged big on the Alaskan cruise on the EON and returned last night. It was wonderful, its a beautiful boat, rooms spotless and crew friendly. We did have some issues with service in the dining room and the food itself. Perhaps the DQ servers have spoiled us. Clara was the historian and did a fine job, as did the entertainers, a few of which were from DQSC. All the staff we talked to were excited about the addition of the Queens to their family. Alaska itself was spectacular and we're so happy we were able to go. Having said all that I have to say that we still prefer the grand lady herself. Unfortunately we are not among the affluent either and have pinched quite a few pennies to go on these trips so guess the good times will be over after next year.
I hope that Ambassadors LTD doesn't try to fix what ain't broke!!
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