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Default The Remnants Of The Sprague 2012

Hi Everyone,
I live in Vicksburg and two weeks ago I went down to photograph the remains, as the foliage has mostly died out near the river front I was able to get pretty close to the stuff. I was hindered by vines and vegetation near the shaft and it remains as pictured here. The Smoke Stacks remain at the primary site with the other parts, they are tending to the weather very well in spite of their age, all appear to be solid, however they are laying on the ground and that will speed up their eventual demise. The area nearest the vast majority of the parts did flood with the Spring Flood of 2011. There are two other sites with the balance of the parts, one behind the Klondyke Trading Post, which is within short walking distance of the river front where the AQ will tie up on its visit to the city. The Klondyke owner told me that the parts have been on his property greater than 20 years, there is one complete and undamaged rudder there, what I believe to be the Pittman arm to the paddlewheel shaft, along with one bilge pump and some other things that came from the engine room.

The parts that are at the Klondyke are in very good shape, most still have a decent coat of red paint on them. I was told by David Day who owns the property that the reason the vast majority of parts have not scrapped are they are entirely too heavy to move. We discussed the parts by the river and he believes that it would take a crane and heavy duty house moving low boy trailers to do anything with the parts. The capstans are the only parts being utilized in the catfish row art park by the flood wall in which you can see if you travel aboard the AQ this spring.
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