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Look back in the River Artistry thread, the 5th posting. I've got a picture of her with Larry and Ethel Walker and me in Doc's courtyard in 1986. I'll post a more recent shot, although she never seemed to change, later. I'm in a 'cleaning the house crisis', as I'm having friends over for gumbo and ferdens tomorrow. Anyone who lives alone, or worse, alone with 4 cats, knows there's some work to be done to get the place presentable for other people! Someone mentioned DF as a mother figure - that she was. My phone bill was filled with post 10PM calls to her unlisted number. I had to wait until her favorite shows were over - she'd take the phone off the hook during them(and sometimes forget to put it back on). She listened to my laments in dealing with my mother, and she completely understood because she also had a perfect sister out of town while she cared for her mother and could do nothing right. It was amazing after DF's death how much more difficult it became to deal with Mom, mainly because I didn't have that safety valve to let off steam. DF got it, everything about life.
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