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Dorothea told me once that, during the time she sang on a radio show, a lot of the musicians ate lunch in a chili parlor where the coney island sandwiches were five cents. She recalled that in the restaurant she frequently saw Capt. Billy Bryant and members of the crew and troupe from his showboat, which was permanently moored at the Cincinnati waterfront.

Among her country music favorites, Dorothea loved "The Wildwood Flower" and a recording of it, played by Dorothea & Roscoe Frye, on bass and guitar - with Capt. Doc Hawley at the piano -- and made at the home of Mrs. Letha C. Greene in the 1960's -- was played at the memorial service held for Dorothea at the First Presbyterian Church in Marietta during S&D weekend of 2000. A number of pieces of her fantastic artwork were displayed in the church that evening where many of DF's best friends "gathered at the river" to honor her memory.

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