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Thank you, Alan, for such an excellent description of Dorothea. When she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and told she had six months (she only lived two) she told me that she most wanted all of us to accept it and that she would devote her remaining time to getting things in order and telling all her loved ones farewell. Although we talked on the phone frequently, I wrote her a very lengthy letter in which I thanked her for all that her friendship of nearly 30 years had meant to me and of how her love and guidance had enriched my life in many ways. She was astounded that I, and many others, were so affected by her presence which, as you said, was the very epitome of grace. I was awed by her quiet elegance from the first time I met her on the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE when I was a teenager. Besides our mutual interest in steamboats and music, we shared a love of southern plantation houses. One of the items DF (as we affectionately called her) bequeathed me was two ornate pieces of cypress decorations from the capitals atop the columns of BELLE GROVE, the 1857 palatial plantation home on the Mississippi near New Orleans that lay in ruins until it was destroyed by fire in 1952. A New Orleans antique dealer had picked up the pieces at the site some years prior and DF had purchased them during one of the fall trips to "The Big Easy" that she took with Larry and Ethel Walker for several decades. Hauntingly beautiful photos of BELLE GROVE are featured in the book "Tales of the Mississippi" by Leonard Huber, Ray Samuel and Warren Ogden. It's always a comfort to re-read the stacks of letters I have from DF and I can "hear" her soft voice talking to me. Nearly 7 years have passed since her death, but she is still much loved and greatly missed by those who were privileged to be counted amongst her multitude of friends.

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