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Default *RE: Ellis Mace photo*

Hi, Tom,
Yep, that's Ellis Mace in one of the best photos I've ever seen. Great profile and I couldn't help noting the fine antique furniture. Capt. David Smith told me several years ago he knew/knows Mace's descendents but I can't remember where they live today. Ole Commodore Fred Laidley put a lot of stock in Mace's ability, knowledge taking suggestions and, now and then, a few carefully couched criticisms. Upon gaining control of the L&C LINE, Laidley met Ellis the first morning with gold watch in hand. "See heah,' Ellis, boys in town tell me you only one who can keep this wharfboat [Big Sandy Wharfboat] running, trim and safe--not sinking." Thus Ellis met his knew boss.

I'd assume the Copyright (C) for Mace's book has lapsed or wasn't renewed. A lot of people claim Copyright (C) but never applied, paid the fee. Printed in 1944, his project spanned years of his career adding memories, research accounts, selections from correspondents. All now gone, gone, long gone.

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