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Default *RE: Capt. Ellis Mace's book*

Hi, Tom & Jim:
Glad to hear you found the link to Capt. Ellis Mace's book RIVER STEAMBOATS & STEAMBOAT MEN. I agree the usual asking price in used book emporiums today high to, well, high. If you have or find a copy hang on to it. For years I searched in vain until tooling around some months back searching for data on old steamboat U.S. Mail contracts when it suddenly popped up. Great information and even Capt. Fred Way kept a copy for references. Ellis Mace was a guy there at the right time, right place and got it all down. He also drew on contributions from older river personalities adding their memories. Especially interesting are Mace's insights on steamboat business practices and corporate dealings in his time--something usually ignored or passed over.

Unfortunately the book was printed on a very low grade of paper with equally poor bindings in 1944--right in war time when materials were being directed to the war effort. The Ohio River Museum, Marietta, Ohio, did have a few copies at a reasonable price but, alas, I think they are gone. Cheers!

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