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For all who haven´t seen the new policy yet:

PRICING will be seasonal – 7 different levels of pricing

FIT Early Booking Discounts:
10% Off bookings made prior to 9/30/06
Past Passenger Discount: 5%

NO FREE AIR Program in 2007

All bookings prior to May 25, 2006 will be honored.

BACK to BACK Discounts: 10% Off the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc sailing

SINGLE RATES: 165% of applicable fares for first class (C & CC), 200% of applicable fares in all other categories

3rd & 4th RATES: 50% of applicable fares – NO DISCOUNTS – PSSOA Not Combinable, includes children

PORT CHARGES (Fuel Surcharge no longer added):
(Includes Taxes, Transfers, Meet & Greet day of embark/disembark)
$99/pp 3 NT Cruises
$109/pp 4 NT Cruises
$119/pp 5 NT Cruises
$129/pp 6 NT Cruises
$149/pp 7 NT Cruises
$169/pp 8 NT Cruises
$199/pp 11 NT Cruises
Transfers are included with port charge. No refund if not used.

Revised Categories Shown Below:

AAA now A / AAA now OS / AAA now ??
AA now B / AA now AA / AA now ??
A now C / A now BB / A now ??
C now D / B now CC / B now ??
E stays E / C now DD / C now ??
G now F / D now EE / D now ??
I now I / E now E / E now ??
--- / F now F / G now ??
--- / G now J / H now ??
--- / I now K / I now ??

Notice regarding Bookings and Cancellations:
Deposits are due 3 days after the booking is made.
Cancellation for non-payment will automatically take place on the 4th day.

$350/pp for cruises 3/4/5/6 Nights
$500/pp for cruises 7/8 Nights
$750/pp for cruises 11 Nights or Longer

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