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We made a good "dent" in the clearing out of the two room Laundry House at the museum. Found all sorts of things (treasure and trash!) packed away, including a drawing cabinet from the shipyard, ancient furniture, a folk art style model of the steam towboat ROBERT P. GILLIAM, ring buoys, a radar, the shipyard bell, a port hole and paddlewheel parts from the DQ --- and the list goes on and on! Some items went to the new CMF (Collections Management Facility) and others were relegated to the dumpster. Still lots to do, but we're making good progress!

With the aid of Kenny's small pick-up truck we moved a nice wooden yawl, from a long gone Ohio River Lock & Dam, to the CMF. The yawl had been residing behind the carriage house. Since a lot of the boat protruded over the back of the truck, I provided the "ballast" in the stern and had an interesting 'rowboat ride' around the museum grounds to the CMF!

It was a beautiful autumn day and after the lengthy session of sorting, pitching and toting we all had simply run out of steam. So we closed up shop and went to "the BIG house" for coffee just as the rain began. Our work day was enlivened by the glorious sounds of a steamboat whistle echoing up and down the river, as the BELLE was out on a charter cruise. A perfect touch!
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