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Default *RE: MQ's 'Mermaid'*

Hi, Steamboating colleagues:
Thanks to Judy's keen eye for picking up the continuing 'saga' on the pair of MQ mermaids. I quickly clicked to view the EBAY thread to see/read. Interesting...very interesting. I may have missed something along the way and ask here: What is the composition material on the mermaids? Aluminum, bronze, molded plastic etc? I agree the asking tab of $5,000 sounds like somebody is 'fishing' for a price. Again, beauty and value are often in the eye of the seller and potential buyer. Keith and the Howard Museum made a good decision in turning down the offer.

I seldom click EBAY to view unless I see a posting here or receive an E=Mail asking about the provenance of certain items offered. Recently I sent Lexie an EBAY photo and ad for pieces of china from the old PITTSBURGH & CINCINNATI PACKET CO. in dark gray/blue with the company logo. In the past several people have asked questions on items for sale only to hear they are reproductions or not worth the asking price. What's the old saying? "Possession is 9/10ths of the law." Well, yes and no until somebody challenges. For years a classic B/W photo of the 1st ISLAND QUEEN taken by Capt. Tony Meldahl has appeared on EBAY or regional antique/book stores. Interested buyers learn that photo is not original and has been circulating around for years. Same has been found for reproductions of the classic Donaldson Co. litho of the ROBT. E. LEE/NATCHEZ race with the moon gleaming, smoke/fire belching from the stacks. The present owner may have come by the charming mermaid fair and square...but? Do careful research if/when you see an appealing item offered on any web site. Copyright laws on ownership are clear that just because we purchase something doesn't mean we own it. Who knows and what do I know?

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