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The list you are seeing is because she is moored too close to the bank. The river now being at an all time low. She is sitting on the bank for the most part. She needs to be moored further out but apparently there is little concern for the stress being placed on her superstructure by letting her lean. Won't be anything to save if something isn't done soon.

They do make gas powered pumps so no need for electricity on site to pump her out! As for break ins sorry to hear that. I drive by her twice a week in the evenings and again in the early morning hours and never see anyone around. If i do i will be letting the Calhoun County Sheriffs dept know!
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Looks like she has quite a starboard list. Hope someone is checking the hull for water and keeping her pumped out! Please keep us up to date with the latest news on the boat. I last saw her in 2004 and she looked bad then...but this is just shocking. We have lost enough historic vessels already...we don't need to lose another!
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