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Default *RE: H20 in GOLDENROD hull.*

Hi, Jacob & Steamboating colleagues:
Your update with photo on the present state of the GOLDENROD gave me a moment of pause. With 2 to 3 inches of water in the hull a serious matter. Water coming in through the hull or from above needs immediate attention leading into autmn rains, snow/ice this winter. I'm certainly no expert in any field, mind you.

I recall Alan Bates commenting once on the factor of even one inch in a flat hull if the vessel destabilizes. "Down on one side" indicates to me it may only get worse. One U.S. gallon of water = 8.34 pounds. In the UK an Imperial Gallon of water = 10 lbs. Salt water heavier as we know. The GOLDENROD water factor and security in general a top priority. Others on this web more marine savvy than me might have comments. Bill Judd, Alan Bates, Steve Huffman, Kenny Howe, Bob Reynolds etc. come to mind. Vandals up to mayhem and mischief troublesome. Is there a local police authority there who could be asked to swing by now and then on duty rounds to check? A possible night light with a timer run in from a nearby electrical possible if logistics allow. This the problem docking boats in unscured, isolated spots. What possible wash or wave action takes place from passing vessels?

As an example: MIT did studies on water injection finding that one 18 inch open/shattered porthole can inject over 3 tons + of water per minute submerged three feet down. Keep us posted and good luck in your endavors. Well, what do I know?

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