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Default Goldenrod Showboat Update


I am with the Historic Riverboat Preservation Association / Goldenrod Showboat. I have been reading a lot of rumors on various websites stating that the Goldenrod has been destroyed etc. Just to let everyone know, the Goldenrod is still here but is in very rough condition, and we are trying to get her restored. We have been experiencing a lot of break-ins and we have had a lot stolen at the boats current location in Kampsville. We are trying as hard as we can to move this historic boat, however there are a lot of factors that are blocking us from getting the boat moved. I check on the boat on a weekly basis and try to scare any scrappers or kids out of there, but the boat is in an isolated location and its very hard to keep her safe out there. I will try to keep everyone updated with the Goldenrod. We will have a website up hopefully this week.

Jacob Medford
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