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Default *RE: Dates of Str. EARLY loss*

Steamboating colleagues:
Interesting point posted above on varying dates on loss of the Str. JACOB D. EARLY. Not unusual then considering how news and official reports traveled. The telegraph industry had consolidated to a near monopoly between 1857 and 1866 among the big companies termed 'The nation of six.'

Many official reports no doubt by telegraph with most being sent in penned reports with vagaries in writing. You see this in old letters, manuscripts, logs, dockets, maps, charts of the day. Newspaper print set by hand being small and hard to read unlike the clarity of today. Official documents only usually printed in finer type. I have a few official steamboat inspection certificates seeing all vital data on the boats done in ink by hand down well past 1875. Scholars the world over tear their hair out trying to decipher texts, narrow down conflicting commentary and dates. No on the spot news reporters with video cams to catch the mayhem, thrills and chills for the nightly news. You know, "If it bleeds it leads." That's the way it was then.

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