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Default *RE: Str. JACOB D. EARLY Etc.*

Hi Paula & Steamboating colleagues:
I apologize for not being more definitive RE: the EARLY with references. The information I posted [And appearing in WAY'S PACKET DIRECTORY] is rather short being but mere sentences. What other data Capt. Way had then--or in the Cincinnati Public Library--unknown to me. It states:

"No. 2911 Pg. 238 JACOB D. EARLY: 'SW [Sidewheel], Cincinnati, Ohio, 1853, 348 tons. Burned and lost at Alton, Ill., April 29, 1858.'" That's it as far as the entry Fred made in compiling. Many entries he composed much longer with incredibly minute detail on construction, yards, engines, trade, crew etc. with other insights. Again, how Fred did it a marvel to behold considering he did all with an electric typewriter, pen and ink--no computers with web sites, archival, university or other library sources on line. Fred went direct to the sources with a huge correspondence from others. A true labor of love working like a lonely monk. I'm rushing to a meeting now, but will get the Cincinnati Library soucres if they exist--or a contact person. What the Cincinnati Historical Society at Union Terminal has in their great library/collection a good guess.

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