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Default *RE: Str. JACOB D. EARLY*

Dear Paula:
I pulled WAY'S PACKET DIRECTORY, 1848-1983 noting one very short entry for the Str. JACOB D. EARLY. Built Cincinnati, 1853 being 348 tons. Way mentioned the fire was on April 29, 1858. The news item you posted contains much more immediate information of the day. WAY'S DIRECTORIES based on existence of photo images from 1848 on. Good chance a photo exists in either Cincinnati Public Library collection here on Vine Street in the former Rare Books/Inland Rivers Collection now in the Cincinnati Collection. Also in photo collection at Murphy Library, UW - LaCrosse.

The very keen eyes [Not mine] on this web could give you a pretty good insight if the said "railings" came from a steamboat.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
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